How to Use The Fantasy Football Data Pros API

Our API is minimal right now, but I plan on expanding in the future. Currently, I'm working on a Python package where you can import fantasy data with Python code based off our API. Stay tuned for that.

Requests and Access

The FFDP API is built on REST principles. Currently our API endpoints only accept HTTP GET requests. The API is currently free for anyone to use. No authorization headers needed. This can change in the future if we see an overload in requests, though.

Weekly Information and Season Information

Our API currently has two seperate endpoints. You can get weekly Fantasy Data going back to 1999, or you can get whole season fantasy data going to 1970. If you try to input anything before 1999 for weekly data or anything before 1970 for whole season data, you'll get an error.

Weekly fantasy data comes with every player who passed, ran, threw, or fumbled the ball on any given week. Currently, kickers and defensive players (and whole defenses) are not included in the API if they do not fit that criteria. Fantasy data is separated into passing stats, rushing stats, receiving stats, fumbles, and other player information regardless of position. To use the weekly fantasy data endpoint, simply give the season number, followed by the week number. Examples shown below.

Yearly fantasy data comes with every player who passed, ran, threw or fumbled the ball throughout a given season. Data is formatted the same as weekly fantasy data. Instead of providing a week number, provide 'all' in place to get a whole season's worth of stats.

Projections (New)

Newly added - we now have projections available for the 2020 Fantasy Football season. These numbers are based off ESPN's projections. Endpoint below. Do know that some players are missing from our API - to name a few, Matt Breida and Royce Freeman. Most players are included, though.

Examples (click to see JSON output)

Weekly Fantasy Data for 2019, Week One

Whole Year Fantasy Data For 2019

Projections for 2020