What You'll Get

Access to a course Slack community
You’ll get access to a special Slack community with 500+ members to get feedback on your code, ask questions, and talk fantasy football.
16 modules of material, 16 hours of video
Our course comes with 16 sections of text and 16 hours of course video. Our videos will walk you through each section step-by-step.
Modules on data science, APIs, web scraping
We start you from installation of Python, a beginner friendly programming language, all the way to creating your own machine learning models.
Sleeper leagues where you can test your skills
Get access to Sleeper leagues where you can test your new data science skills with other members and your course instructor.
Course Modules
Intro and Preface
Introduction to Python Programming
Functions, Loops, and Conditionals
Object Oriented Programming
Python Crash Course Recap
Value Based Ranking with Pandas
Data Visualizations
Analyzing Play-by-Play Data
Correlation Matrices and Stacking Players
Predicting WR Performance (Machine Learning)
Tiers Based Ranking (Machine Learning)
In-Season Analysis with nflfastR
Web Scraping
Making an NFL Database with SQL and Python
Bonus Projects (Twitter Sentiment Analysis)
Available Data

Customer Testimonials

Keyon Hedayati

early adopter

This is a great course that delivers what is promised. Learning advanced stats, and techniques to improve your Fantasy Football skills through Python programming. It combined two of my interests, and melded them together. Fantasy Football Data Pros created a fun environment to learn and share ideas.

Jonathan Hammond

future fantasy football champ

I’ve bought the course and have experience taking over 50 courses. This one is amazing and for those in the know for prime tutorialists, Ben is up there with Traversy and Kevin Powell. Easily worth your month, whether you really want to get good at code or you just want to crush your league really bad, again, or for the first time ever.


saints fan

I am a 30-something working on retooling my skill set to include Python in hopes to redirect my career. Stumbling across a post by Ben about this site on r/fantasyfootball was one of the best things that has happened in this endeavor because it combines something I'm passionate about (crushing my fantasy opponents -- especially my girlfriend's mom) with the power of Python.

I truly cannot say enough good things about Fantasy Football Data Pros. Don't worry if you're brand new to Python, either! The course starts off assuming you know nothing and builds you up from the basics. The chapters are in text and video form (which I love) and take you through one project at a time -- before I knew it I had completely automated processes that took me hours of copying and pasting in the past.

Oh, and once you think you're done with everything Ben adds new chapters covering more topics! I've been a part of FFDP for a couple months now and no less than 6 new chapters have been added ranging from using SQL in Python to applying Machine Learning concepts to your fantasy analysis.

That for loop not working the way you need it to? Can't quite decide what parameters to use in your Value Over Replacement metrics? FFDP includes access to an active Slack channel where we share ideas, show off accomplishments and let Ben know what we want to learn next. Many of the new chapters have come directly from input on Slack.

I could go on and on because the value I've gotten from FFDP is outrageous. Not only is my GitHub quickly filling up with resume worthy output, but my girlfriend's mom is gonna have so much smack talk in her ear after I decimate her whack lineup this upcoming year -- and I'm not sure which feels better.

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